Social Media Balance: Is it possible?

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I’m sure you’ve read my post about why I broke up with Facebook back in July. We broke up for about a month, but now we are back together again. Facebook is like an abusive relationship. “Every time I try to leave something keeps pulling me back.”

I was done with Facebook for about 6 weeks. To my surprise, I was missed by some of my followers. I was asked by a few people if I was ok. I also had people who personally emailed me and asked did I delete them. People stated they missed my inspirational posts and thoughts on things.  In a seminar I took, during this time, I was convicted for “abandoning my audience” as a business owner. I started to feel bad because Facebook is where I did most of my promoting and marketing of my events. So I logged back in, to continue to promote my hair services, book and to bring awareness to Suicide Prevention Month. That initially, was my only intention for being back on “the book”. Slowly but surely I got wheeled back in. I didn’t have a plan of how to approach the reactivating my page outside of Suicide Prevention Month. I just logged back in. I will say the difference in my approach in reactivating Facebook was not the best. Because I had not been active on there, I seemed disconnected from others. I found myself commenting on statuses and having conversation more than I did before. Due to all of the current affairs happening in America, I found myself engaging in too much conversation. I will be honest, most of the conversations on statuses were meaningful. Many of them were pertaining to politics and the election. There were a few that were unnecessary. They also became intense and I received constant notifications depending on the subject. The more drama, the more notifications.  Some topics left me intrigued. Others were a distraction and gave me some anxiety.  Once I realized I was back in too deep it was the end of October.  I revisited my post blog post from July about why I broke up with Facebook.  I was pretty encouraged by my own mindset at the time of my writing. So much that I decided to do a small experiment using myself. I became a mild socialite on social media in the month of November, to see if it is possible to have any balance between personal life and business on Facebook. Since I have now attempted many methods, I believe it is possible to have balance on social media. Find out what I’ve discovered, and 5 ways to do so.

Offline and Online opposition. Concept 3D illustration.

1. Know why you are on social media. For some their reason may be to be entertained. For others it’s to stay updated on what’s going on. For some it may be to keep in touch with family and friends, and for others it may be to market their business. Whatever the why, stick to your original reason for social media. Make intentional moves while logging on. Anything outside of your why can lead to being a distraction in your everyday life. It will become too much.

2. Pick your poison. I don’t think it’s necessary to have more than 2 social media sites that you are giving your undivided attention to. I am currently active on Instagram and Facebook. My Twitter does remain active, but that is only if I share an Instagram post to Twitter. One can already become time consuming when we allow it to be. Why add more distractions? Pick your poison.

3. Learn how to disconnect. When you have more times to disconnect, it gives you a balance. Schedule yourself some ME TIME. In your me time, go analog and read a book. (I would suggest not on an electronic device) Set aside times or days that you do not log in at all. When you go to bed, put your phone in a different room. This will help you to not get on as soon as you wake up. Another thing you could try is letting your battery die completely on your phone. It usually takes about 15 minutes for it to charge up. That time could be considered a nice break to disconnect from social media.

4. Some days you have to just share and engage only on your page. It’s typically not the sharing, but the scrolling on social media that can often be a major distraction. Depending on the subject on someone’s status, you may be tempted to share your comment and get caught up in unfruitful conversations. (Trust me I’ve tested and appoved it) It can be draining. If you must scroll, do so on certain days for a limited amount of time. I have found Saturday nights and Sunday’s are good days to get caught up on posts from the week. You can just scroll but you’re not as tempted to comment on a post from Wednesday. Try setting a timer on your phone one day. You would be amazed at how that timer can stop you from going down a rabbit hole of social media engagement. I have to do  it sometimes when I feel like I have nothing else to do. It helps. One last thing I do to help me, I remind myself that my comments are currency. The time that it takes for me to comment is valuable, so I must remember to use it wisely. Make sure the audience is worthy, and it’s worth your time. I’ve shared opinions with people who don’t care, and given too much time to talking about things I could not change. I’ve learned I don’t want to be so out of touch with socializing on social media. Some socializing to network is actually healthy. Going back to my why and using some of these tactics keeps me grounded and gets me back focused.

5. When you are not working, when you are hanging out with friends, when you are on a date, when you are engaging with other people, when you are at the party, when you are at the concert, when you are at the birthday party, when you are…..(you get the picture) Get off of social media, and enjoy the moment. Often times we miss the moment instead of actually enjoying the moment. If you must take a picture or check in…do it and then put your phone away. Enjoy the moment. Share it later. That seems simple. That’s how you create balance.

So social media balance…Is it possible? YES. If you want it to be. Social media is not a bad thing. If we use it for what we personally intend to use it for, it will be good to us. While I did much socializing by being wheeled back into Facebook,  I was able to sell out two impromptu events in October and November. Going back to knowing your why; I am on social media to promote my busineses, make connections and network. That will in fact require me to engage my audience. It includes my family, friends, colleagues, and many potential  customers.  I’ve learned that too much of anything is not good. Balance obtainable in all things. It is also necessary.

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