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ONE Hour Coaching Session

One (1) hour of discussing the desires of your life and business. Let’s do some strategic goal setting and planning together!!!!! We will narrow down the purpose of your business and determine a plan of action to execute excellence. Get a clear path and create some goals of where your would like to see your business or life go! Let’s not just wish for it, but WORK for it! Sessions can be purchased for appointments on a later dates in 2016.

*Offer expires August 1, 2016. All Sales Are Final.

The Business Lift

*Price determined in coaching session

One (1) hour initial consultation with two follow up power sessions. The Business Lift includes accountability emails, along with one final meet up to secure our goals. Aspiring to launch a business? Or is your current business in need of a makeover? This is the coaching session for you.  The Business lift can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Identifying Your Passion and Purpose
We will discuss and narrow down the components of your business that you are most passionate about to identify your purpose. In finding your purpose we will strategize ways to combine your passion with your purpose to generate profit.

Image Development
Effective marketing and branding on and off social media. How to perfect your personal image and balance your personality to attract the ideal consumer for your business.

Lights, Vision, Action
Now that you are inspired to become an entrepreneur, let’s become clear on your vision. Get a clear path of your vision, followed by creating a mission for yourself to put your plan for your business to action.

Excelling in Excellence
In this session we discuss how to progress forward with your business in excellence. Learn how to strengthen your people skills, how you can create amazing client loyalty,  and increase client retention.

The Salon Lift

*Price determined in coaching session

The Salon Lift is series of workshops that give a total make over to Salon owners and their teams. We convert beauty and barber shops into salons by working as a team to enhance the overall mission of the business.  The Salon Lift can be tailored to suit specific needs.

Shop vs. Salon
Whether you are the owner of a salon, a private suite owner, booth renter, or a commission stylist we all know there is a difference in a salon environment and a shop environment. Learn creative ways to set your salon apart, and create the proper tone to for you to deliver superior service your customers in excellence.

Master Your Niche
As hair artists we all can be very versatile in aiming to win the hearts of our customers. This portion is aiding in finding that one thing about yourself as a professional hair artist that truly speaks volumes. If you know your niche we will strategize ways that you can better market. By the end of this segment, you will know your strengths and weaknesses, as well as resources to turn your weaknesses into greater strengths.

Professional Development
Personal Image and the way you carry yourself as a professional is a key component to your success. When you look better, you not only feel better, but you are also able to confidently approach the things that are destined for you. Whether it is a public appearance outside of the salon, or on social media, we will began building on ways to increase the standard of how you  would like to be perceived within your industry.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
There is no “I” in Team. In this workshop, we will do team building exercises to break down barriers that often occur with salon staff. Learn how to effectively work together to produce a positive, energetic work environment, that allows everyone to feel important to the over all  vision of the salon.

It’s Bigger than Hair
Do you need assistance in building a clientele? What about keeping the clients you currently have in your chair? In this portion, we will discuss creating an exceptional customer service experience. We will implement important small details to gain customer retention, as well as client loyalty.

Now Available: Don’t Wish, Work!