Simply Committed to Excellence

Ebony N. Stroder is a creative and experienced stylist, visionary entrepreneur, dedicated mentor, inspiration, business coach and author. She is dedicated to helping others discover and follow their gifts, passion and purpose in entrepreneurship.

As a graduate of Masters Of Cosmetology College in Fort Wayne, IN, she excelled in many areas. She has won a total of 7 National Cosmetology Association (NCA) Hair Competition Awards, and one NCA Student Master Stylist Award in 2004. As a professional she has won several Hair Competitions, by showcasing her skill level and creative side. She is also a licensed esthetician and make-up artist certified in editorial make-up.

Through her journey in entrepreneurship, she has developed a love to help develop business owners, and share what she once felt like she needed. Ebony was a certified educator for Design Essentials for 6 years. There she found her love and grew to be established as an educator and coach in the beauty industry. Through her professional knowledge and certification she teaches product knowledge, professional development, and technical skill classes to hair stylists. She has been a guest speaker at cosmetology colleges, youth programs, churches, womens groups, and featured on panels for events discussing small business development, community issues, and professionalism.

Ebony receives great joy when she serves and uplifts others. In doing so, she has hosted several community events for women, as well as networking affairs to connect others. She enjoys bringing self worth and confidence out in people in any way she can. As a published author of the Amazon best selling book “Don’t Wish…WORK!” Pushing Through Self Pity To Pursue Your Purpose, Ebony truly believes in the power of creating your personal vision and no longer wishing for things to happen in your life, but doing the work to get things done. Ebony leads vision board and goal making empowerment sessions and enjoys traveling to share her message with the world.

Her favorite quote is “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond our own measure.” Ebony empowers others to discover their inner treasure that is beyond measure.

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